A FEW WORDS ABOUT US ( Petropoulos Jewelry )


The smell of the Greek countryside, a reflection of the sun in the waters of the blue sea, reading a book, the smile of a child, a song, a line of a poet, create forms that are jewels suited to unique female forms...


Petropoulos jeweler creates handmade jewelry in unique designs... because everything that shines is our jewelry.

THE COMPANY ( Jewelry Store )

The observation of the plasticity of hard metals when subjected to knowledge, experience and the aesthetic sense of the craftsman bore its fruit with the development and continual renewal of Gregory Petropoulos goldsmiths.
In their whitesmith shop, before the surprised eyes of the insatiably curious Gregory, traditional craftsmen grandfather Chris and father Petros Petropoulos transformed and brought to life endless squares of metal, shaping them with geometric harmony and perspective, into a a thrilling variety of handmade objects that would last a lifetime.
All this changed when plastic invaded people's lives and ignobly replaced metal. The migration from a time-honoured manual craft to the venality of short-lived products led Griroris Petropoulos to a search of means of expression suited to the production of highly aesthetic objects which would honour the tradition of the Greek craftsmen, with their knowledge of geometry and sense of harmony. For the man who studied alongside teachers who harnessed hard metals, the road to the casting and manual transformation of gold into jewellery proved viable.
Nourished on the visions of art, at the age of just 22 he created the company GRIGORIS PETROPOULOS goldsmiths.

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